Modern real estate workshop in which members learn to know and correctly interpret their contracts and obligations.


Use new findings to bring the interaction between debit and credit to a common denominator.


Ownership is a responsibility that should never be given to anyone else. Members learn how to secure their property for the future with knowledge and skill.

CasaFin Club – Real estate

The CasaFin Club offers members the most modern and carefully tested methods for more transparency when buying and selling real estate exclusively for members.

Through training courses, seminars and workshops, members are enlightened and led from belief to knowledge about finance, real estate and investments in the long term.

Become a member now and gain knowledge and exclusive opportunities for your financial education and much more

Real estate purchase / sale

Our members are supported by extensive expert knowledge when buying and selling their property, which massively reduces the expense ratio.

The question “how a property can bring the owner a better quality of life” is also explored in workshops.

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