from believing to knowing


In our real estate workshops, members learn how to use an efficient strategy to reduce costs and increase profits.


By providing information and creating perspectives for our members, sustainable material assets become a must-have for everyone.


The crypto world is still too cryptic for many. In workshops, our members learn a reasonable way in this new digital world.

The CasaFin Club

Exclusively for members, the CasaFin Club offers the technical and financial review of investments in all areas by the in-house consumer protection department.

Through training courses, seminars and workshops, members are enlightened and led from belief to knowledge about finance, real estate and investments in the long term.

Become a member now and gain knowledge and exclusive opportunities for your financial education and much more

Create value

With the mission to show people new perspectives and paths.

We would like to lead people to more personal responsibility, because trust has been abused many times and in the end the great awakening came.

Our values ​​are energies and energy wants to flow, let’s give the values ​​a good way to grow and thrive.


workshops & seminars

Our members draw their knowledge from the sources of experience and practice.

Top-class guest speakers and lecturers support our association’s purpose, which revolves around all human values.

consumer protection

The club checks the members’ investments for correctness and earning potential. If the worst comes to the worst, lawyers are on hand to provide help and advice.


All members are allowed to discuss tricky questions about real assets and inner values ​​in our telegram group “From faith to knowledge”. The valuable answers enrich the entire community and lead from belief to knowledge.