Blockchain is a decentralized protocol for transactions between parties in which every change is transparently recorded. Members learn how to use this technology.


Trading is short-term trading with values ​​that are traded on a central platform. In workshops, members learn what to pay particular attention to.


Artificial intelligence has already found its place in many areas. So also in trading. Members can find out how to use this directly in the club.

Der CasaFin Club

The CasaFin Club offers members the most modern and carefully checked investment opportunities exclusively for members.

Through training courses, seminars and workshops, members are enlightened and led from belief to knowledge about finance, real estate and investments in the long term.

Become a member now and gain knowledge and exclusive opportunities for your financial education and much more

Cryptic Future

Cash is one of our greatest values. Both in use and in the value we attach to it.

Everyone has already heard about the cash abolition and it has already started with the 500 euro note. It would be helpful to be familiar with an alternative financial area and to continue to maintain the freedom of free payment there and to use it for oneself.

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